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All recordings from the 1995 conference:


Sponsored by: California Institute of Integral Studies

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      RPL95-001 Confucius, LaoTzu and the Tao Robert McDermott, PhD
      (format: audiotape)  
      2   $15.00     set(s)
      RPL95-002 Plato, Aristotle and the Good Robert McDermott, PhD
      (format: audiotape)  
      2   $15.00     set(s)
      RPL95-003 Jesus, Buddha and Spiritual Realization Robert McDermott, PhD
      (format: audiotape)
      RELATED TOPICS YOU MIGHT ENJOY: |buddhism  |)  
      2   $15.00     set(s)
      RPL95-004 Sri Aurobindo, Rudolf Steiner and the Integral Ideal Robert McDermott, PhD
      (format: audiotape)  
      2   $15.00     set(s)




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