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All recordings from the 2021 conference:

2001 Bay Area Council Outlook Conference

Sponsored by: Bay Area Council

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      BAC21-001 Economic Outlook 2001/The Looming Energy Crunch Robert W. Ferguson, Jr./Gordon R. Smith
      (format: audiotape)  
      1   $12.00     set(s)
      BAC21-002 Beyond Bandwidth and Speed/Innovation and Information Technology Elizabeth A. Fetter/Craig R. Barrett
      (format: audiotape)  
      1   $12.00     set(s)
      BAC21-003 CEO Conversation ~ Biotechnology 2001 Woody, Renton, Kisner, Duffy & Case
      (format: audiotape)  
      1   $12.00     set(s)
      BAC21-004 "Inside Baseball" - Presidential Politics and America's Favorite Pastime/Closing Remarks Doris Kearns Goodwin/G. Craig Sullivan
      (format: audiotape)  
      1   $12.00     set(s)




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