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ITC91-010 Sufism and the Twelve Steps: The Path of Authenticity - Hayat Ricki Schechter
(format: audiotape)  
$ 12    set(s)
SUF27-306 Sufism and the World Crisis: Sheikh Ahmed Tijani & Sheikh Taner Ansari
(format: CD)  
$ 24    set(s)
SUF27-311 Sufism and the World Crisis Safa Ali Michael Newman & Glenn Pascall
(format: CD)  
$ 12    set(s)
SUF28-303 Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs: Being One, Being Light Sonia Gilbert: the Value of Sufism
(format: CD)  
$ 12    set(s)
SUF28-311 Prof. Scott: Quranic Ecological Imperatives Safa Ali Michael Newman: Sufism and Ecology
(format: CD)  
$ 12    set(s)
SUF29-300 SPEICAL OFFER: Complete Sufism '09 Audio CD Set 5 CDs for only $49
(format: CD)  
$ 49    set(s)
SUF10-300 Complete Sufism Symposium CD Set 15 Audio CDs for $99
(format: CD)  
$ 99    set(s)
SUF10-306 Sufism Psychology Panel: The Dignity of Being Human A. A. Pryor, M. T. Granick, M. Ritterman, R. H. Walters
(format: CD)  
$ 20    set(s)
SIC11-307 Sufism- Ellen Hammerle, Amelia Pryor, Leili First
(format: CD)  
$ 16    set(s)
SUF15-307 Murshida Khadija: Goforth Practice: Sifat-i Allah Sufi Walking Meditations Pir Shabda Khan: Practice: Sufi Zikr and Non-Dual and Dual Paths of Sufism
(format: CD)  
$ 11    set(s)




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