Psyche and Cosmos: Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Astrology Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas

As Jung was the first modern psychologist to suggest, astrology possesses an extraordinary capacity to illuminate the archetypal dynamics of the human psyche. During the past thirty years of their collaboration, Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof repeatedly encountered a surprisingly rich and consistent correlation between specific planetary positions and a wide range of psychological states. These correlations suggest that the relationship between the cosmos and the human psyche is very different from that assumed in the conventional disenchanted world view of modernity. This two-day workshop presents both the practical applications of this research and its larger implications, beginning with the vastly extended map of the human psyche suggested by modern consciousness research and experiential therapies. Topics include precise descriptions of the correlations observed, the phenomenon of synchronicity, the importance of transits, a look at major past and current planetary alignments, and coinciding archetypal patterns in history and culture. We address the relevance of this work to the larger depth psychology tradition initiated by Freud and Jung, and present an overview of the evolution of the Western mind as illuminated by this recovery of the intimate relationship between the human being and the cosmos.