Transpersonal Psychopharmacology: The Re-Emergence of Sacred Sacraments as Modern Medicines John Halpern

Psychedelic substances can be used as tools of self-discovery, sacred sacraments, and/or recreational drugs. Though dangers from abuse are ever publicized, less known is that results from clinical research never supported banning further investigation. In the decades since the last LSD studies with the terminally ill and with drug abusers, quality of life for these suffering individuals and their families has not dramatically improved. Yet tantalizing evidence of the benefits of psychedelic therapy continues unreported in the scientific literature, and so it is essential for research to resume. If successful, allopathic medicine will finally be reconnected to its shamanic roots through the modern dispensing of transpersonal medications. This talk details intended investigations with MDMA for the terminally ill and with peyote for Native American substance abuse.