The Mything of the World: The Social Artist as Transcultural and Transpersonal Agent of Change Jean Houston

Social Artists are individuals who continually work on themselves so as to be humanly skilled to provide consultation, leadership, and guidance changing paradigms, values, legislation, laws, myths, and structures of their societies. What is it about Social Artistry that is different from the facilitator or catalyst of societal change? Given current need in a time of whole system transition, the role of the social artist takes on dramatic and complex forms, especially as they relate to helping cultures and institutions preserve the genius of the culture even as they move it into the new story and a deeper mythic base. The Social artist is able to move between cultures, with the ability to enter each other's belief systems, cultural styles, energizing stories, myths and rituals. They learn to be informed on world issues in the context of different cultures, and not just from the point of view of a particular nation or policy.