Acupressure for Depression and Stress Michael Gach, PhD

Michael Reed Gach, PhD, Founder of The Acupressure Institute Learn specific acupressure points and self-care techniques to give to your clients for emotional balancing. This self-healing presentation covers techniques for relieving depression, grief, anxiety, dissociation, and emotional distress. Many physical common complaints will also be addressed such as asthma, TMJ, and headaches, which may be caused originally by emotional pain. Acupressure for emotional healing uses points, breathing, and somatic skills to focus deep within the body, allowing what is blocked to surface, be expressed and release. When this cycle is incomplete (which often occurs in the best bodywork or talk therapies) the client becomes disoriented, gets stuck or continues their self-abusive patterns. As acupressure points open, healing energy increases awareness, awakens the roots of emotional problems, and facilitates long lasting healing. This hands-on, experiential workshop is for therapy clients, bodyworkers, and holistic psychotherapists who want to expand their somatic, therapeutic skills.