Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Judy Worsley, JD, Dac, DiplAc

PART ONE: The morning session will feature the hallmarks of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture treatment planning. In CF-EA, we view the patient as a unique individual with unique symptoms each time they come into the treatment room. What remains throughout is their Causative Factor (CF), which is assessed during the initial 2 hour intake and identified as “Traditional Diagnosis.” The treatment plans follow on from the CF. As each Element and each Organ Official has a Spirit, each acupuncture point has a unique meaning or Spirit. One of the highlights of CF-EA treatment planning principles is selecting points for any given treatment based upon the Spirit of the Points. In this afternoon session, you will hear and learn from the Master of the Classical Five-Element lineage how to assess the Cause of the disease, how to discriminate the use of acupuncture points and how to successfully treat the Spirit level of disease. PART TWO: Continue this path of discovery with Judy Worsley and your colleagues, where you will learn to become an instrument of healing through your natural and human ability to be in rapport. From a Classical Five-Element Acupuncture perspective, when we are in complete rapport with our patients, we are best able to perceive through our senses and assess their needs to treat them accordingly. We see, hear, smell, and feel more clearly. In a fun and supportive environment, you’ll have the opportunity to “stretch yourself” while feeling natural and at ease when examining a patient. You’ll learn about levels of disease, spirit of the points, and treatment planning, all results of being in rapport with your patients.