Translation of Chinese Medical Terms Nigel Wiseman, Chang Gung University

This workshop will explore “What is a Term” and “How large is the term set of Chinese Medicine?” Through comparatives of translational approaches, this workshop will assess why communication and transmission of knowledge is aided when a single concept is referred to consistently by a single term. The instructor will delineate why current variability in the English terminology of Chinese medicine is not beneficial. It will be demonstrated that despite the prevalence of polysemy in Chinese terms, it is nevertheless possible to approach the goal of representing concepts consistently. Also explored will be the ratio of English equivalents to original terms; the need for terminological consistency; the benefits of the exchange and transmission of knowledge through standardized terminology, the“how-to’s” of comparing term equivalents, and much more! The context of this presentation will make evident the importance of standardized terminology in education and instruction, integrative medical models and day-to-day practice.