(F9)Live Inside a Story! Do You Know What Story You're In? Megan McKenna (Most Popular Workshop at event)

In Eastern Europe, Matrishka dolls nest inside one another. Our individual stories are like those tiny little ones nested in the larger ones. We usually begin our stories from inside and then work our way up, but rarely out! What if we begin to look at our story in light of the larger, allencompassing story: stories of the Trinity, the Universe, and the Spirit in the World? Perhaps then we will find ourselves hidden more securely and deeply in the heart of the mystery of God. Megan McKenna lives in New Mexico, USA, and is an internationally known author, theologian, storyteller, and lecturer. She holds graduate degrees from Catholic University, Washington, DC, USA, and the Graduate Theological Union, California , USA. But foremost she is a lover of words and how words both convert and transform us, bringing meaning and hope to our world.