The Art of Dialogic Myth-Making Duncan Campbell

From time immemorial, from indigenous councils, congregation of Indian rishis in Vedic times, and bardic storytelling and storymaking gatherings around the fire through Plato to quantum physicist David Bohm, it has been understood that in dialogue - by creating a flow ("dia") of wisdom from the universe ("logos") - the deep truths of the cosmos can be accessed and revealed beyond what any individual can do alone in "observation" or "discussion". Along with the particular form and discoveries of modern science, we have become largely estranged from this mythic consciousness and the knowledge and practice of true dialogue. Through our own practice of a new and renewed understanding of dialogue, we can reactivate these capacities from our ancient heritage, and bring them forward through those aspects of the modern mind which are beneficent, integrating them into the next "supramental" stage of our being. In so doing, we can re-empower ourselves to each participate in co-creating together the new myths of a planetary and living awareness called for by consciousness itself in its ongoing complex evolution.