Sacred Ceremony of Taki Samy Shairy Jose Quimbo

In this conference, Shairy will share the sacred ceremony of Taki Samy. Taki means vibration, harmonic sounds, melody, and music. Samy means energy, strength, impulse, and life essence. Taki Samy is the spiritual renovation for a new energetic life and a new consciousness and awareness for all beings. Shairy will share the messages of the prophecies, the need to unite the Eagle and the Condor, to unite all people as one, as we enter the New Time. The purpose of sharing the prophecies is to recollect, return, and reorient ourselves to the sacred as a way of healing Mother Earth, lighting the path, and setting the foundation for the next five hundred years. May every step, every breath, every word, every thought, every heartbeat bring unification and healing to our planet. May the myths, prophecies, and ancestral ways help us to walk forward in a good way, for this generation and for all those to come.