Reflections on Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth Charles Tart

Archetypes, myths, the imaginal realm, etc. - all are fascinating and wonderful. But do they necessarily lead to the end of suffering? After many years of looking at exotic experiences like altered states of consciousness, Charles Tart will share some of his current thinking and ideas for research on what enlightenment might mean in practice. What sort of path is the best way, or even a good way, for particular people to move toward enlightenment? Do we all end up in the same enlightened place or are there many desirable end points we might call growth or enlightenment? Can this search for enlightenment actually be an avoidance of real growth? How might your personal and your cultures' world view affect what is possible? When are we really growing and when are we fooling ourselves? Can unenlightened people like us have any useful understandings about enlightenment?