Leaping Between the Horns: Modern Dilemmas and Ancient Imagination Michael Meade

In times of unprecedented spiritual confusion, amidst the "crisis of imagination" and the radical disorientation of mass culture, myth intones its age-old speech to the inner reaches of the human soul. There, the Old Mind offers inspiration to those willing to tap again the evocative, oracular, compelling voice of Mythos, which echoes in the psychic depths, ever capable of revival and potent with hidden resources. The exact medicines for the dissociation characteristic of Western culture lie in finding again the archaic continuity and hidden unity of human imagination. Ancient footprints mark the paths of art and practice that lead to the fording place where a leap between the old and new, the concrete and spiritual, the time-bound and the timeless is required again. On this pathless path, artists, spiritual seekers, philosophers, and lovers find the betwixt and between ways which thread the past into the shape of the future. At this conference, Michael Meade will tell mythic tales that weave together the psychological with the mythological, the visible with the invisible, the immediate with the ancient.