Spind and Medicine Mandara Cromwell and Elizabeth Bauer

Mandara Cromwell - The three most powerful healing energies in the Universe are the frequencies of sound, light and magnetics! • Magnetic fields align our cells’ components into the “receiving” mode • Sound energy’s atomic motion shapes our DNA’s unique symphonic geometry • Light is energy, and transfers this energy to our cells In this presentation Mandara shows visible proof of healing by combining the three greatest energy fields in the Universe in one modality. Cymatherapy® represents the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners who began the exploration of sound as a healing modality in the 1960s. Manners worked for decades, in collaboration with a group of scientists and medical doctors, to formulate the biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part of the body. See the geometry of five acoustic frequencies in union with the energy spectrum of color and a dynamic magnetic field that inductively links with the cells’ to regenerate tissue and relieve pain.