Amazing Shang Han Lun Cases Miki Shima, OMD, Lac

The Medical Sage, Zhang Zhongjing, of the Han Dynasty wrote the Shang Han Lun or "On Cold Damage" (Paradigm Publications), which is still revered as the highest achievement of Chinese herbal medicine. In this lecture, Dr. Shima will discuss 50 miraculous cases by renowned masters in order to illustrate the "personality" of formulas from the Taiyang to Jueyin to Huoluan, all the six stages of diseases of the Shang Han Lun. Dr. Shima recently completed a 2-year course on the Shang Han Lun with over 1,000 cases, with select cases chosen to be shared in this workshop. "Those amazing cases will stick with you so well that you will quickly learn all the pattern recognition and formulas for each pattern."