Keynote: Once Upon a Time in America:Oriental Medicine in the New World / William Prensky's Version

In the late 1960ís Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine were largely unknown in the United States outside of ethnic Far East Asian communities. These were times of great change in the world, resulting in Cultural Revolutions that forever shifted the landscape of medicineís philosophy. This yearís presentation begins a journey of rediscovering the origins of our medicine in the West; starting with an exploration of the earliest beginnings of Acupuncture and OM as a separate profession in America. We will examine the tribulations, false steps and the progress comprising our early history. Drs Prensky and Bruno were present at the start of this journey, helping to found the very beginnings of our professional institutions in the 1960ís. They will share an intimate recollection of the life and times of the founding of OM in America, and the world into which Acupuncture burst onto the scene in the 1970ís.